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LA Amusement Park Accidents
In evaluating many amusement park ride accidents, our experienced personal injury attorneys and our expert structural engineering, human factors, and biomechanical engineering experts look for every possible cause of theme park accidents and carnival accidents, such as: operator error, mechanical failure, design defects or limitations, inadequate security, failure to post proper warnings, water damage, improper repairs, metal rust, parts failure, improper operation, improper training of operator, improper maintenance, loose cables, loose nuts, rusty nuts, loose bolts, worn cables, worn out belts, faulty safety straps or harnesses, safety lock failure, inadequate padding, sharp and protruding parts, improper height or weight calculations or restrictions, abrupt starts and stops, failure to load and unload in a safe and proper manner, improper assembly, exposed electrical wires, malfunctioning lap bars, broken welds, failure to shut off, engineering design defects, structural flaws, improper installation, or electrical shorts/failures.

For example, many lawyers do not realize is that if an amusement park ride is also close to a body of salt water, the salt water spray can lead to corrosion of cables, nuts, bolts, and other vital components faster than if the ride was not near salt water. Just like road salt corrodes the metal on our cars, ocean salt spray corrodes the metal on amusement rides just as fast.

Same goes for heat: in higher-temperature areas like Los Angeles, California, or during heat waves the plastic and rubber components behavior differently, leading to mechanical failures. We look at every factor, including the weather, when investigating cases.




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